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Quick And Easy Breakfast Ideas

I love to cook, but when it comes to breakfast sometimes I don’t have the energy in the morning to cook or come up with Pinterest-worthy ideas. So I have a few breakfast recipes that I love to make most days. So here they are.

French Toast

Is there anyone that doesn’t like french toast for breakfast. Sometimes we even make it for dinner if I can’t come up with anything else to make for kids. It is so simple, you only need toast bread, eggs, and milk. We don’t add any sugar or salt, because we can add anything we like to them. Sometimes we love to eat them with ham and cheese, sometimes with jam, or Nutella, and sometimes we just eat them plain. You can never go wrong with french toast. Even the pickiest eater would eat them.

Grilled cheese sandwich

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My kids love grilled cheese sandwiches, I mean who doesn’t. And they are so easy to make. For my kids, I usually make them with just butter, cheese, butter, and ham. But when I make for myself, I love to add fresh mushrooms, honey-mustard dressings, or just mustard if I don’t have honey to make my own dressing. And I love to add cucumbers and cherry tomatoes on the side.


Whether It’s regular or American pancakes, they are always a great idea for breakfast. Even the pickiest eater would eat pancakes for breakfast. We sometimes eat them with sour cream and ham, and sometimes with jam, or honey. It depends on our mood that day. And I love to make myself a cup of coffee latte to drink with my breakfast, because why not.


One of the most requested meals from my son for his breakfast is polenta. He can eat it every day, for every meal. You can have it with milk, or cream, or yogurt. It is super easy to make. And it is so good for you.


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I love oatmeal for breakfast. It is so easy to make. I usually buy fine out so it doesn’t take too much time to make. I love making it Greek yogurt and fruits, or I love to cook it with a little bit of water, cinnamon and apples, and vanilla sugar. No matter how you make it, oatmeal is a good idea to make to start your day.


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