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Vintage Beg Obsession

Recently I’ve been more into vintage-looking bags. There is something about them that makes that more special. Especially classic begs. My mom bought me a beautiful faux leather brown bag, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.

The bag is a simple box shape, with two shorter handles, and simple gold hardware that enhances her beautiful brown color. Since the bag is very old, the material on the handle started to crack, so I decided to style one of the handles with a colorful bandanna, and the result is breathtaking. I got inspiration from watching beauty blogger and You Tuber Tamara Kalinic, and how she styles her gorgeous Hermes begs. So I found my bandanna and tied it around the begs handle, and I never took it off. Now it is my favorite go-to bag that I wear with every outfit, and I am kind of obsessed with it. I am hoping to find more vintage beg like this one, so I can one day have a beautiful collection.

Tell me in the comments below. are you a fan of vintage begs, or you are more into modern bags? Let’s chat in the comments below.


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