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5 Things every child wants to hear from their parents

Hello, my darlings. Today I want to share with you 5 things every child wants to and most importantly, needs to hear from their parents. And no matter how old they get, they will never be too old to hear that from you. Because, at the end of the day, they are your babies, and they always will be. I know I love to hear these words from my parents, and I am a grown woman with two kids, and I am no ashamed to admit that. So here are the 5 things every child wants to hear from their parents.

I love you

Three words that every child, no matter the age, wants to hear from their parents. Those three words are the most important in the world. And we should say these words to our kids every day of their life, and for the rest of our lives. Because those are the things that they will appreciate. Not gifts, and material stuff, but the feeling that they are loved and appreciated.

I am proud of you

Every child wants to know that his parents are proud of him. They need to know that you see them and that you are validating what they accomplished. Be specific about what makes you proud of them. When you use concrete examples of why you’re proud, it helps them to understand themselves better.

I am sorry

We have to model what it looks like to be an adult and apologize when we make mistakes, and we have to mean it because they’ll learn by example. So apologize when you need to, it is not that hard. Let them see that is the right thing to do. And that is perfectly fine to make mistakes, we all make them, but you need to admit yo mistake and apologize when you are wrong, or if you hurt someone’s feelings.

I believe in you

Behind every child who believes in himself, is a parent who believed in him first. They need to know that their parents believe in them no matter how old they are. Your child will always be your child, no matter how old they are. So show them that you believe in them, tell them, that way they will grow up to be a more confident person.

I am listening

And sometimes, the best you can do for your kid is to listen. Listen to what they have to say, and don’t interrupt them, because sometimes all they want is to be heard and understood. So mouth closed, ears open, and just listen. This is also the best way to connect with your child. So that one day when they do have a more serious problem they will come to you because they will know that you will listen to what they have to say.



26/06/2020 at 1:20 am

Yes, especially the “I’m sorry.” So important we own up to our mistakes and by seeing us apologize, they learn to apologize too.

26/06/2020 at 4:42 pm

Right on point. This is what the little ones want to hear and it’s what us, as parents, should tell them often.

26/06/2020 at 9:09 pm

Definitely things kids need to hear from us often

Sam Mitchell
27/06/2020 at 11:09 am

Absolutely! All 5 that I lacked hearing when i was growing up but all 5 that I make such a huge point of making sure my kids hear all the time…

    27/06/2020 at 11:54 am

    I am sorry that you never heard those things growing up. But I know that your kids are lucky to have you because you know how important it is to hear those things. ❤Sending you lots of hugs.

28/06/2020 at 4:51 am

Omg yes all of the above! We make sure to tell them daily al of the above as much as we remember. I love you is something they hear multiple times a day and we hope they take it into their own homes day and a normal thing to say.

28/06/2020 at 11:47 pm

Yes! All positive and encouraging things to say to our children. They need to hear it!

28/06/2020 at 11:50 pm

You deserved to hear these things, and I admire you for doing better for your kids.

09/07/2020 at 3:53 am

I make it a point to kiss my daughter’s goodnite and tell them Inlove them every night, also whenever they do something good I appreciate it which brings them joy and encourages them.
Loved it.

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