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New Beginning, And New Blogging Schedule

Hello, my darlings. I know that it’s been a while since I last posted on my blog, and I am so sorry for being mia. I’ve been going through some difficult times, and I didn’t really have any inspiration or will to write anything. Between school, preschool, kids karate training, and everything else, I didn’t have any energy left for anything else. This pandemic has really got the best of us. But, it’s time for a new begging, and a new begging means a new blogging schedule. So, I’ve decided to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

My Monday posts will be coking, recipes, meal ideas, kid’s school lunches, and anything food-related.

My Wednesday posts will be dedicated to motherhood, kids, homeschooling, kids games, kids room decorations, kids haul, and everything related to motherhood and parenting.

And finally, my Friday post will be dedicated to mom chit chat, self-care, mom fashion, makeup, motivation …

I hope that you will love my new concept and that over time we will be friends. It’s been a hard year for everyone, and especially for us moms. So, let us help each other out, inspire each other to create a new begging. A new fresh start. I know I need one.

And starting next week, I will be more regular on my YouTube channel. I will be posting new videos twice a week, Tuesday and Sunday. Tuesday will be like chit chat, get ready with me, try on hauls, thrift shopping, outfit ideas, and Sundays will be dedicated to cleaning, cooking, and organizing. I will not be doing vlogs with kids, they may appear from time to time, it will be a place for moms.

I am glad that we talked today. I missed you so much. I hope you are doing great, and if not try to take of yourself, please, and if you ever need someone to talk to, please reach out. I love you all, please stay safe, and I will see you on Monday.


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