Being a parent of two kids sometimes feel more like being a referee than being a parent. I know they are just kids, and they are going to fight, and that fights are going to be about most ridiculous things. I swear sometimes they leave me speechless. It sometimes hard to predict when they are going to start to fight. But here are some tips to help you to try to prevent it from happening, or at least getting the fight under control if it happens.

Never compare your children to each other.

One thing you should look out for is comparing your children to each other. Remember, they are siblings, but they are still different individuals. And, by comparing them, you are going to make things worst. Appreciate them for who they are, and don’t compare them.It will only lead to them fighting.

Make sure to spend quality time with each kid individually.

Spending quality time with each of your kids is necessary. That way, no one will feel left out or jealous.

Keep kids apart when they are hungry or tired.

Most of the time when kids are hungry or tired, the chances of them fighting are very high, so try your hardest to keep them apart, at least until they are feed or in a better mood, and there will be less chance of them fighting.

Don’t make your older child responsible for a younger sibling.

Your older child is not responsible for watching and taking care of a younger sibling. It’s the parent’s job to do so.

Teach them how to be a team.

In stead of comparing your kids to one another, teach them how to be a team, they will realize in time that their sibling is not their competition, but their best friend.

Cultivate empathy in your kids.

Best way to teach your kids empathy is to learn by example, so you have to be their role model.

Let them express their emotions.

Teach your kids that is ok to express their emotions, and they should hide it.

And remember they are just kids.

In the end, they are kids, they will fight, and that doesn’t make you a bad parent. Those kinds of behaviors are normal. That doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other, and as they get older they will fight less, and less, and will get easier.

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