When I become a mother and a wife, suddenly I wanted to prove my self and everyone around me that I can do anything and everything and do it with a smile. I wanted to prove everyone that I can be a hands-on mom, good wife, businesswoman and everything in between. And I am not the only one. We all do it. And when it doesn’t work for us we blame it on our self. And that’s not ok.

Yes, I think we can have it all, I can have my cake and eat it too. But sometimes it’s ok to say F…. you to the world and leave your kids with grandparents so you can binge watch Netflix and eat ice cream.

The only secret to having it all is to know when it’s ok just to relax. You can skip gym sometimes, it’s you are not perfect Pinterest perfect mom, it’s ok if you feed you precious child chicken nougats sometimes, it’s ok to say that you are tired and need some alone time… it’s ok.

The most important thing is that you find what makes you happy. You can still be an amazing mom, killer businesswoman. And please, STOP comparing your self to everyone else. Maybe they look like they have their s..t together, but believe me, we all lose our cool sometimes and that’s ok. We all struggle, we just don’t want to admit that because we are scared of what everyone is gonna say. We are trying to avoid judgment. But face it we can’t escape that. If you are a working mom they are judging you, and they will do the same if you are a stay-at-home mom. So relax.

To sum up, you really can have it all, you just need to figure out what works for you and your family. Because at the end of the day that is the only thing that matters. when you are happy and at peace your family is happy.

Hope you like this kind of post. If you do please let me know in the comments below. And let us start supporting each other, not judging. Let me know how did you find balance in your life? Do you have any hobby that makes you happy? Let’s start a conversation in the comments.

Until next time my angels. Love you, stay happy and safe.


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