School is officially over. It’s now time to enjoy long summer days.

I love the summer. Days are long and hot, skin gets darker, dresses are shorter. It’s just easier to get ready and get out of the house. And that’s a big plus, especially when you have two kids.

My kids also love summer break. No school, no daycare, we can just do whatever we want. That means a lot of movie nights and a lot of lazy mornings. Life is just beautiful.

We spend our days enjoying some san and pool. I especially love early evening walks and bike rides. Summer is definitely my favorite season.

This summer we are planning our trip to Greece. We are planning to go on our vacation at the end of August. We will be visiting Hanioti. Amazing and beautiful little town. And I can’t wait to blog about our trip. We will be traveling in our car, so it’s gonna be like a fun road trip. I will also blog what are we bringing on our trip, and some fun tips and tricks. Also, I will try to blog from Greece about all the fun stuff you can do there with your kids. And at the end of the trip, there may be a little Greece haul, to show you what we bought on our trip. So stay tuned.

What are your plans for this summer? Are you planning any fun trips? If so, tell me in the comments bellow.

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Until tomorrow my angels, stay safe.


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