We all know that being mama is the most amazing thing in the whole world. But sometimes it can also be challenging. We all want to everything, we want to be super mamas to our babies. But sometimes we just need time for yourself, and it’s ok. We need to recharge because happy mama means a happy family. And here are 5 ways for mama to relax:

1.Get up 15 minutes early.

Before the kids wake up, go brush your teeth, get yourself dressed, and drink a cup of coffee while you’re checking your Facebook feed.
Getting up a tad earlier than you’re used to can help you start your day more relaxed .

2.Relax with a nice hot bubble bath and a glass of red wine

Nothing will help you relax more than soaking in the bathtub after a long day . Fill your tub with hot water and use bath salts or bath bombs to unwind and indulge all your senses. It will be like your privet spa . You can also turn on some relaxining music and poure a glass of red wine and just enjoy your quiet time

3.Take a brisk walk

Don’t feel guilty about not getting to the gym for a full workout, studies show that every minute we spend exercising is good for our body. The walk around the block it will be so good for you especially if you’ve been stuck inside the house all day. I like to think that we need fresh air just as much we need food and water. So put on your walking shoes and go outside.

4.Listening to music

Music is one of my favorite ways to reduce stress. Different genres of music help me in different ways. Upbeat music gives me more energy when I am working and slower and chilled music will help me relax.


I love reading books. I could spend hours getting lost in an imaginary world with amazing characters and incredible stories. It also helps me forget about my everyday stress.

Let me know what do you to relax and unwind in the comments below.

Don’t forget to share this with a mama in need!

Until next time darlings .XOXO

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